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The sun umbrella

Sunday August 1st 2010
A coffee first, then a nap!
Website update [25/10/2010]

Small updateof the blog engine, with a better internationalization. Javascript is now also in, since I'm now using the 'galeria' software in order to offer a better gallery page.

Oups, almost forgot... From the gear side there is also some novelty, with a brand new 30mm (equiv 50mm) prime lens joining the band!

Happy new year! [22/01/2010]

Another year is starting... With a panoramic picture, the first one, isn't it ironic? Did not have much time to sort those days -- because of moving -- but I hope to do more soon. I'm still working technical aspects thanks to news books I got. Hopefully a page with references to interesting readings will appear on this website ;)

From the web side, I plan to create a "keyword map", in order to offer a new way to sort pictures. It should be interesting to program, if one has time for this...

Geolocalization [07/06/2009]

I've been playing a bit with the Google Map API to show the localization of the shots. A global map is also available in the menu.

New gear to toy with [05/04/2009]

This new lens I was longing for just arrived :) It's just like an alter as far as the weight is involved, but it looks very promising... My photo set is now in good shape (See the "gears" section). Then, those pieces of glass are not everything, I have to make good use of them! The challenge sounds interesting still...